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Gray Leader or Gray One was the callsign used by Colonel Horton Salm when he commanded the BTL-S3 Y-wing starfighters of Gray Squadron during the Battle of Endor. Salm's gunner during the battle was Kin Kian.

Commander Wedge Antilles used the same callsign during the early training period of his new commando/pilot squadron; which was later named as Wraith Squadron. When the Wraiths managed to capture the Warlord Zsinj aligned ship Night Caller, they flew its complement TIE Fighters in their covert operations under the designation Gray Flight. Antilles again assumed the callsign Gray Leader, flying regular TIE Fighter missions which included the Mission to Storinal and the Battle of Talasea. He was replaced by Atril Tabanne from Night Caller's bridge crew before the Battle of Ession.

Princess Leia Organa used this callsign when she commanded her own secret squadron after the Battle of Yavin.[1]

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According to A Guide to the Star Wars Universe, Gray Leader was killed during the Battle of Endor. This is incorrect, as Salm survived.



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