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Gray Squadron, sometimes spelled as Grey Squadron, was a starfighter squadron that served as part of the Rebel Alliance's starfighter corps during the Galactic Civil War. The squadron most notably participated in the Battle of Vrogas Vas[3] and the Battle of Endor.[1]


Battle of Vrogas VasEdit

"It's him! It's Vader! We have visual confirmation!"
―Unidentified Gray Squadron pilot[src]

The squadron, made up of Y-wings, was one of six present at the planet Vrogas Vas when Sith Lord Darth Vader arrived there in search of Luke Skywalker. Vader had completely destroyed Blue Squadron and Yellow Squadron earlier. Even after Luke Skywalker smashed his X-wing into Vader's TIE Advanced x1 and both had crashed onto the planet below, Vader was still able to completely destroy all of Gray Squadron's Y-wings.[3]


Battle of EndorEdit

"Gray Leader standing by."
―Horton Salm at Endor[src]
Horton Salm Y-wing XWM

Horton Salm, Gray Leader, the Battle of Endor

During the Battle of Endor, Gray Squadron was led by Horton Salm and was composed of Y-wings,[1] A-wings and B-wings.[4]


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