The Great Arctic Skra'akan was a fearsome aquatic predator native to the polar regions of the ocean world of Mon Calamari. Able to hunt in the dark depths, it was rarely seen and as a result, its existence was not common knowledge.

It had huge glowing yellow eyes with a pupil as big as a Human head and its long head accommodated a large mouth filled with huge sharp fangs. The head was attached to a long sinuous neck. It possessed a scaly armored hide with its thick body core studded with tentacles. Each tentacle was said to be the size of a space-station docking tether. Very few survived an encounter with such massive creatures. Ironically, it was also thought to be good luck to see one, although one survivor, Anja Gallandro, upon learning of this remarked, "Well, we're lucky to be alive. Does that count?"

In 24 ABY, during a trip by the Jedi Cilghal, Jacen Solo, Tenel Ka, Zekk, and passenger Anja Gallandro, in the Mon Calamari submersible known as the Elfa, were on a mission to destroy a stash of andris spice hidden beneath a polar ice cap, when the Jedi encountered a Great Arctic Skra'akan.

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Behind the scenesEdit

It's possible that the Kraken, a mythical sea monster often portrayed as a large octopus-like being, was the inspiration for this monster.



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