The Great Canyon Clan was a Dathomiri Witch clan village located near the Great Canyon on Dathomir. It had been formed after the surviving members of Gethzerion's order of Nightsisters failed to redeem themselves from the dark side. They based their beliefs on Gethzerion's Book of Shadows, but abandoned a number of traditions so that they would not face any obstacles to their success.

Among these broken traditions was the belief that males were inferior to females. However, some members still held the prejudiced view that men were inferior to women in the area of Force-sensitivity. When Brakiss journeyed to Dathomir, seeking new recruits for his Shadow Academy, the clan allied itself with the movement he belonged to, the Second Imperium. The Great Canyon Clan gave its youths to the Shadow Academy for training, sometimes seeking out new recruits for the Shadow Academy from other Dathomiri clans. In return the clan received military equipment and support from the Second Imperium.

The clan village contained concentric rings of tents, homes, slave's quarters, and workshops that surrounded Clan Mother Mintinee's home (known locally as the Waterhouse due to its proximity to the clan well). Due to Mintinee's belief in the power of talismans, chimney-like stone piles containing magical talismans were also found scattered around the village. The village included a well-fortified stockade for holding rancors that was patrolled by two AT-STs. The clan used a strip of packed dirt as a landing pad for supply ships.



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