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The Great Conquest was a period of Jenet history, several millennia before the Galactic Civil War,[1] during which the species spread across the planet Garban to avoid overpopulation and killed off all major predators on the world.[2] The period became mythologized in Jenet legends, which spoke of brave Jenet heroes leading armies of their compatriots against the world's predators. In particular, Jenet tales spoke of the campaigns against the danchaf, or tree goblins, a species generally regarded as non-sentient but depicted as highly intelligent in Jenet myths. These tales related how the danchaf once ruled Garban's woodlands but were driven back by Jenet warlords, such as Chirr't Ferr and Rhet H'rrr.[3] H'rrr, for instance, was credited with implementing the tactic of targeting the camale danchaf—the species had three genders—thus impeding their ability to reproduce. Another tale told of Ch'irrk Felt's creation of a giant trap made of pots, pans, and phospowder, which blinded the danchaf and allowed Jenet soldiers to slaughter them.[4] Although these Jenet forces failed to exterminate the danchaf, the tales claimed that their campaigns forced the creatures do devolve to the wild and uncivilized state in which they lived by the time of the Galactic Empire. Although all xenobiologists but one, Xemlorn, disregarded these tales as fanciful,[3] the Jenets did come to dominate their planet well before the Galactic Civil War.[5]


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