"Podracers from all over the galaxy have been spotted arriving on Euceron. We have heard that they are gathering on the city's northern border in the Great Dordon Caves, whose extensive tunnels are, unfortunately, ideally suited for this suicidal sport."
Liviani Sarno, head of the Galactic Games Council.[src]

The Great Dordon Caves were located on the planet Euceron. They were located at the northern outskirts of its capital city of Eusebus.


Many people went to the Dordon Caves to watch illegal podraces held in the caves' tunnels. Uso Yso ran illegal betting in the races there.

The Galactic Games of 26 BBY[]

Podracers at the Great Dordon Caves during the Galactic Games of 26 BBY

The event and activities at the Caves were also a popular attraction during the Galactic Games of 26 BBY. The illegal podrace there on that occasion was made thrice illegal when it was discovered that Games Council members, who had "fixed" key events in the official games, were complicit in its rigging as well. They were able to fix the race through a new innovation wherein each podracer's nav computer was sent the track information for the upcoming track areas every three minutes: initially, the Jedi, who had been sent to maintain order and peace at the Games, suspected that the Dug Sebulba's podracer-son Hekula was to be illegally fed the information early—compliments of famed local athlete and corrupt Games Council member Maxo Vista, giving Hekula a slight edge in the race. But, in fact, the advanced information would be sent to a different pod—that of Deland Tyerell, who along with his younger brother-mechanic Doby Tyerell, it was later discovered, cheated by arrangement with Vista in a desperate bid to free their sister-slave, Djulla. What the brothers did not know is that Vista, despite their arrangement, planned to maliciously sabotage their pod.

Anakin Skywalker—who had not officially raced since he was nine, five and a half years earlier[1]—went to the Caves to help Deland and his brother to free their sister by entering the race in Deland's stead (due to Sebulba's breaking of Deland's arm before the race began). Anakin not only succeeded against Vista's sabotage of Deland's pod, but also outwitted the favored Hekula, the son of Sebulba, his old Tatooine nemesis and Djulla's owner: Anakin won the race and Djulla went free.

14-year-old Anakin Skywalker, a participant at the 'illegal' Great Dordon Caves Podrace during the Galactic Games of 26 BBY

Other Great Gordon Caves Podrace participants included former Boonta Eve Classic contestants Aldar Beedo, Elan Mak (alias of Kam Nale), Ody Mandrell and Gasgano (Boonta of 32 BBY runner-up), but also the Daimlo favorite of the Gamorreans who spoke Huttese"Scorch" Zanales,[2] and finally, Will Neluenf—heir to the first great Tatooine podracer, Ben Neluenf. Having perished in his collision during the Boonta 32 race, Ratts Tyerell, of course, was not to be seen, but he was represented in spirit by his three Aleena children and also by his Titan 2150 Podracer, poised for the race in Aldar Beedo's pit.

Beedo had been present before the race began when a scuffle broke out between Sebulba and the Tyerell children, with Boonta 32 victor Skywalker caught in the middle. Annoyed, and with his concentration lost, Beedo intervened and threatened all of them with a blaster, which contributed to the break-up of the altercation.

But in that pre-race scuffle of the Tyerell brothers with Sebulba and his son, when Djulla Tyerell attempted to intervene, the fight worsened: Deland's arm was broken by Sebulba. The Dug was partially bested by Skywalker due to the Jedi's abilities, and Doby Tyerell warned that Beedo could face the same defeat. The Glymphid was completely unfazed by the threat, however. Decidedly no longer concerned by this "family matter," Beedo left the group alone to prepare for the race.

The Dordon Caves race of 26 BBY[]

The race started off with Skywalker and Hekula quickly starting their bid for first. Beedo followed close behind Mandrell, with Mak in tow, but Mandrell failed to make the next turn and crashed. Mak surged forward, barely missing the Er'Kit's wreckage, when he saw the chance to kill Beedo, the murderer of his father, crime lord Borzu Nale.[3] Mak swung out and in front of Beedo in an attempt to cut the Glymphid off, successfully smashing Beedo into the ground, but forcing the other contestants to scramble to avoid hitting them; the Fluggrian's success was also limited, however, as his pod was caught in the collision as well. Both racers, crawling from the wreckage and rushing to the sidelines to escape the danger of the track, commenced to accuse and blame each another for the crash. The Xexto Gasgano, too, unfortunately got tangled up with Zanales, who had been closely tailing Skywalker, and the two racers crashed their pods. Will Neluenf's pod trailed closely behind Hekula's, but he was unable to pass either him or Skywalker when the Jedi's pod began spinning wildly out of control just before crossing the finish line. While Neluenf failed to overtake either contestant, he still managed to finish third.

In the end, of course, Skywalker, using the Force to-regain control of his sabotaged pod, won the race on behalf of the Tyerell children, and Sebulba's son, Hekula, took second place.



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