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The Great Holocron.

The Great Holocron was an ancient, dodecahedral holocron.


Housed in the Jedi Archives on Coruscant, the Great Holocron was the centerpiece of the Jedi Temple's library holdings. It contained vast amounts of information that was accessible to only a jedi master willing to open the holocron, and Jedi trainees were encouraged to explore its contents. Despite its ease of access, consumption of its manifold mysteries was thought to be impossible—even Master Yoda was thought, by Archives Director Jocasta Nu, to still struggle with its depth.

While the Great Holocron was designed to only reveal information that its user was prepared to encounter, inexperienced Padawans accessed the Great Holocron under the watchful eye of the Archives Director who stood ready to step in if the young Jedi was drawn in too far.

Following the rise of the Galactic Empire, the Great Holocron was lost, probably captured by the 501st Legion troopers in the assault on the Jedi Temple during Order 66.

It was eventually rediscovered by the New Jedi Order in 40 ABY and placed in the library of the Ossus Academy under the care of Master Tionne Solusar. She was not sure whether it was the real Great Holocron or a well-crafted replica.[1] She would update the Holocron with data from recent eras to continue the work of former archivists before her.[1]


Topics included basic and advanced lightsaber construction methods, Galactic Republic history, philosophy, Sith history, lightsaber combat, and Jedi techniques. The Great Holocron also included discussions on the dark side of the Force and methods to resist its call.

During the course of the Order's history, many Jedi contributed various scraps of information. Some of the stories and journals submitted are as follows:

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Although not seen in the film, during production of Attack of the Clones, the film's prop-makers made three holocrons for its Visual Dictionary: a Jedi holocron, a Sith holocron, and the Great Holocron.


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