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"There's a reason it's all bloodlines here. Organas are diplomats; Alde, the scholars…"
"But Panteer are the leaders, sir. With their house gone, the crown might be, too."
―A Senator and a Republic ambassador[src]

Houses Alde, Baliss, Cortess, Ulgo, Thul, and Rist attended the Alderaan Peace Summit alongside Houses Organa and Teral.

The Great Houses of Alderaan were the many noble families of the planet Alderaan. The Great Houses formed the Alderaanian Parliament, and there were a total of forty-seven Houses before the beginning of the Alderaan Civil War following the Treaty of Coruscant. However, by the end of the war, only twenty-two Houses were still intact.

The Houses[]

House Alde[]

House Alde was one of the oldest Houses, as its members were able to trace their ancestry back to the original Human colonists who settled on Alderaan, and the family prided itself on the purity of its lineage and what some saw as its obsession with history. Darrus Alde was one of the earliest known members of the House, and he brought peace to the other warring Houses at the canyon that would become known as King's Pass, uniting the Houses into the Alderaanian Parliament and becoming the planet's first king. House Alde maintained its estate in the Juran Mountains, near Fort Alde and the King's Road that led to King's Pass. During the Alderaan Civil War, House Alde was a close ally of House Organa, and maintained strong ties with the Republic—under the leadership of Count Alde, the House co-funded the Republic's Death Mark laser project.

House of Antilles[]

The House of Antilles, originally known as House Antilles, was one of the Great Houses that survived the Alderaan Civil War and continued to exist even by the time of the Galactic Civil War.

House Baliss[]

House Baliss was a minor House that survived largely by currying favor with the larger Houses, and the House remained neutral after Queen Silara Panteer's death in order to ally itself with the decisive victor. However, the House was forced to seek refuge with House Teraan after the House's estate was overrun by Killiks. House Baliss soon seized control of the Teraan estate, forcing out House Teraan and making it their new home.

House Cortess[]

House Frayus[]

House Girard[]

House Killesa[]

House of Organa[]

House Panteer[]

House Qel-Nosh[]

House Qel-Nosh was a House that existed by the time of the Alderaan Civil War, during which the few Killiks who remained on Alderaan had begun to come out of hibernation. The Killik swarms overwhelmed several Houses, with both Qel-Nosh and Antilles losing armies to the insectoids.

House Rist[]

House Serrus[]

House Serrus was one of the Houses that survived at least partway through the Alderaan Civil War. During Denri Ayl's attempts to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the war, he visited Serrus and a number of other Houses.

House Syrush[]

House Syrush was a minor House that maintained its estate in the southern reaches of King's Pass. During the civil war, a Killik hive overran the Syrush estate, converting many into Joiners and burying part of the estate under rubble as they dug out a cave network into the cliff behind the estate. Several members of the House and its staff were held prisoner by the Killiks, though they were eventually freed by Republic forces.

House Teraan[]

House Teral[]

House of Thul[]

House Ulgo[]