This article is about the hunts for Sith creatures organized by the Jedi. You may be looking for the competition for glory during the Cold War.

The Great Hunt was a series of events organized by the Jedi in an attempt to exterminate the Sith devotees, along with their creations left after the Great Sith War, such as silan, giant Sith wyrms, and terentateks, creatures native to Korriban which fed off the blood of Force-sensitives.

None of the hunts were ever completely successful, and the terentateks always slowly rebuilt their numbers, rising again whenever the Sith did.


At the end of the Great Sith War, the Jedi Council realized they could not allow the creatures Exar Kun and his followers had spawned to remain alive, especially the terentatek, a creature that fed on the blood of Force-sensitive beings. Because of this, the Council organized the Great Hunt to exterminate the terentateks.

The hunts were eventually abandoned by the Jedi Order because it was considered too dangerous, but three Jedi, Shaela Nuur, Duron Qel-Droma, and Guun Han Saresh, were sent to finish off the hunt because they had a powerful Force bond, which the Jedi Council thought to be powerful enough to defeat the terentateks.

However, they were not successful. During their hunt, Shaela and Duron fell in love, and were condemned by Guun Han. Not heeding his warnings, however, they remained lovers, causing Guun to leave them, fearful that their love would lead them to the dark side. Guun Han left them on Korriban, continuing the hunt alone while the lovers remained.

Soon, they all came to a fatal end. Shaela and Duron were ambushed by terentateks on Korriban, and in the process, Duron was killed. Shaela, overcome with grief, turned to the dark side and attempted to use it against the terentateks. This led to her downfall, as the crystal in her lightsaber could only be used by followers of the light. Without her weapon, she soon fell victim to the vicious terentateks. Her body was later found by Revan during his quest for the Star Maps.

After leaving the lovers on Korriban, Guun Han went on to Kashyyyk. There, he was also killed during his hunt for terentateks. Neither party proved strong enough to overcome the threat; the splitting of their bond was their downfall.

The fallen Jedi's task, however, was eventually completed when the Jedi Revan slew the terentateks on Kashyyyk and Korriban.



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