The Great Library of Cinnagar was a massive library contained within a bronze-domed building in the city of Cinnagar on Empress Teta.


A massive library in the city of Cinnagar, the Great Library was located on the borders of the Core District and the Royal District. Designed in deference to the architectural wonder that was the Senate Building on Coruscant, the mushroom-shaped building was filled with exhibits of Empress Teta's history. The collections of the Great Library comprised the greatest collection of information on the Koros system, containing billions of stories, writings, holovids, novels, paintings, artifacts, and transcripts. While many of the citizens of the Galactic Empire believed that the Qel-Droma Epics were a fiction propagated by the defunct Jedi Order, the museum took the view that the Epics were an accurate depiction of history. To this end, the Great Library featured a vast museum dedicated to the era of the Unification Wars and the subsequent Great Hyperspace War. Artifacts from this era and artistic recreations filled the displays, which most Tetans honored with respect and awe.[1]

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