The Seventh Pius Dea Crusade, more commonly known as the Great Northern Crusade, was a military campaign orchestrated by the Pius Dea religious cult during the Pius Dea Era. In 11,884 BBY, the Galactic Republic—under the control of the Pius Dea and led by the Contispex dynasty of Supreme Chancellors—launched a military campaign against the Zabrak and Ithorian species. The Crusade consisted of attacks against the homeworlds of alien species, all of which were located in the northern Outer Rim Territories. The Republic launched forces from Ord Mantell against the planet Ithor, homeworld of the Ithorians, and used Ord Cantrell and Ord Meglumine as a staging points against the Zabrak homeworld of Iridonia.[1]

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The Great Northern Crusade first appeared in the 2012 reference guide The Essential Guide to Warfare, in a map depicting the Crusades. Named the "Great Northern Crusade" on the map and legend, it also states that the Crusade was the 7th in parentheses.[1]

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