This article is about the in-universe conflicts. You may be looking for the comic Jedi: Mace Windu, which was republished under the name Schism.

Great Schism was a term used to refer to several different events that led to war between traditional Jedi and Dark Jedi with the final schism being between Jedi and Sith.

Schisms in historyEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

The third and fourth schisms remain largely untold. Their main appearances have been mostly in reference books like the Essential Guides line. The fourth was originally based on background notes from George Lucas for the prequel trilogy.

Although the Great Schisms were started by splits in the Jedi Order, which led to war or a great calamity, neither the Sith War started by Exar Kun nor the Jedi Civil War started by Darth Revan are listed as Great Schisms, though they are the result of factions from the Second Schism (Naga Sadow and the Sith Emperor, respectively) instigating the conflicts.


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