The city of Zhell was an ancient settlement on the planet Notron, homeworld of the Taung and the Human species. Built on a high mountain, the city was named after the Humans' Thirteen Nations of Zhell, but the technologically primitive species did not realize that the city was built upon a volcano. During the war between the two species, the city was seized by the Taung forces led by Rexutu the Unconquerable. However, the Taung forces took heavy losses, and the Zhell decided to siege the city and gathered a massive force at the base of the mountain. As the sun rose, the Zhell prepared to charge, but the volcano erupted and threw the Zhell forces into chaos. The Taungs took advantage of their enemy's confusion and charged, later commemorating the battle in the poem Dha Werda Verda.[1] The Zhell would later recover, and drive the Taung offworld.


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