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The great lightsaber was a type of oversized lightsaber built for use by large individuals. As such, they were heavy, often awkward and difficult to use, and they featured reinforced hilts with heavy-duty power and emitter systems which made a blade that were longer than two meters in length.[1]

Because of their heavier hilts and more powerful blades, along with the natural strength of its users, the great lightsabers were more potent and deadly than the standard lightsaber. Because they were meant for large and powerful individuals, species of human size or smaller found it difficult to effectively wield one.[1]

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The great lightsaber was first mentioned in canon in the 2018 Fantasy Flight Games roleplaying sourcebook Knights of Fate.[1] The great lightsaber first appeared in Star Wars Legends in the 1997 video game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.[2]


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