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The Greater Maldrood was a Imperial splinter faction broke away from Galactic Empire which controlled a part of the Mid Rim by Admiral Treuten Teradoc after the battle on Endor in 4 ABY. It later joined Admiral Teradoc brother, Kosh Teradoc's splinter empire in the Deep Core in 8 ABY into the Federated Teradoc Union.


The Greater Maldrood was established in the Mid Rim by Admiral Treuten Teradoc after the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY. It became involved in a number of border skirmishes with a rival Imperial Faction that was led by Warlord Zsinj and after Zsinj's death in 8 ABY, Teradoc—who styled himself "High Admiral of the Mid Rim"—attempted to expand the Greater Maldrood by seizing worlds in the Gordian Reach. However, this brought him into a three-way conflict with the Imperial Admiral Teren Rogriss and Admiral Gial Ackbar of the New Republic. Teradoc defeated Rogriss at Feriae Junction, causing a number of warships, that had previously served under Zsinj, to join the Greater Maldrood. However, following a number of defeats at the hands of the New Republic, a desperate Teradoc reached out to his brother Kosh Teradoc, who joined his territories in the Deep Core with the Greater Maldrood, with both territories becoming the Federated Teradoc Union.

The alliance of the brothers allowed Teradoc to hold onto a reduced Greater Maldrood in the Rim, but the return of Emperor Palpatine in 10 ABY led to the brothers' participation in the disastrous Operation Shadow Hand, in which Teradoc fared particularly poorly. Afterwards, Kosh and Treuten effectively traded places, with Kosh attempting to salvage what was left of their Rim holdings. In the Deep Core, Treuten fought against Zero Command, an Imperial warlord state governed by Lord High Admiral Blitzer Harrsk. In 12 ABY, Teradoc was assassinated by Admiral Natasi Daala and his faction was later united with eleven other Warlord holdings to form the United Warlord Fleets. What was left of the Greater Maldrood apparently disintegrated after the death of Kosh a year later.[1]


The Greater Maldrood encompassed Togoria, Gala; the shipyard worlds Roche, Abhean and Thanos; the industrial worlds Belderone, Charros IV and Metalorn; the trade centers Centares, Columex and Bimmisaari; and the agri-world Balamak. Centares served as its capital world.

Behind the scenes[]

The territories encompassed by the Greater Maldrood were depicted in 2009's the Essential Atlas, which also gave Teradoc's Imperial faction its name, which had never been revealed up to that point.

Notably, while the Essential Atlas treats the Mid-Rim Greater Maldrood as disbanded after 8 ABY, with Teradoc relocating for the Deep Core - it is not shown on the maps of either Thrawn's campaigns or the Resurrected Emperor's attacks - the 2014 article The Imperial Warlords: Despoilers of an Empire part 1 seemingly alters much of the faction's history. It implies that Kosh Teradoc bailed his brother out of the post-Zsinj campaigns, and that the dissolution of the territory did not occur until after Operation Shadow Hand, where Kosh is explicitly described as trying to salvage their Mid-Rim holdings while Treuten replaces him in the Deep Core. The article further notes that Kosh held onto a reduced Greater Maldrood, implying that, as Pellaeon had pulled Imperial forces out of the Deep Core by 13 ABY, that Kosh still had territory in the Mid to Outer Rim at the time of his death.[2]


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