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This article is about largest sub-species of krayt dragon. You may be looking for its smaller relative.

The greater krayt dragon was a subspecies of krayt dragon that was both rarer and larger than the canyon krayt and its relatives.


Gkrayt vs Ckrayt-UA

A greater krayt attacks a variant of canyon krayt dragon.

Greater krayts were massive, growing to 100 meters or more. They required ten legs to support their bulk. Despite their size, greater krayts were rarely encountered because they spent long periods of time literally swimming through the sand. Greater krayts were known to actually prey upon sarlaccs (a rare treat), though they more commonly hunted banthas. Similar to their smaller kin, the greater krayt dragon developed pearls inside their gizzard, called Krayt dragon pearls. However, these were much larger and more valuable than standard krayt dragon pearls.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on Imperial Kashyyyk, in Ozzik Sturn's private quarters, there is a greater krayt dragon head mounted on the wall.



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