"The Gree language-form is dissimilar to Basic language-form. Because Gree senses are unique red bisectors! Five Gree senses analyze forms. Three Gree senses soak color. So goes language. Other species miscommunicate our language-words."
In-iK to an agent of the Republic[src]

Gree language was spoken by the Gree, one of the oldest species in the galaxy. This language would make broad use of metaphors based on geometry and colors. In 3643 BBY, during the Old Republic era, a delegation of Gree droids present on Coruscant would speak in Basic while using Gree language patterns, which hindered communication with other beings. To outsiders, it would look as if they used the very same words to mean entirely different things.[1]

It appears that the colors and geometric shapes are independent patterns. Parallel being a good state, as opposed to perpendicular. Obtuse and acute seem to have their actual meanings, while a vertex is a relationship between two objects or individuals. Concave seems to be worse then convex, although this is not very clear. A 'sphere' is undoubtedly a thought or concept, 'black sphere' being a complex or difficult idea.

Colors are a bit harder to figure out. Black and white appear to have something to do with the difficulty of a task: black being difficult and white being easy. Their colors seem to follow a pattern from advantageous to terrible, starting at purple and proceeding through the colors to blue. Purple-red-orange-yellow-green-blue. (Note:there is one instance where blue seems to be 'good,' although it is combined with parallel in that sentence which is known to be a positive).

List of known expression patterns[edit | edit source]

"Do you know what any of this crazy math means? [...] My boys don't know a black bisector from a green perpendicular."
Major Cobus[src]
  • Black bisector - (literally "helper with difficulties", basic = "hero");
  • Black sphere - (sphere is a concept, in context he/she refers to the difficulties facing his/her repair plans);
  • Blue parallel - (perhaps "treaty");
  • Blue nonagon - (perhaps "mayhem", "chaos", or "water");
  • Blue tangent - (perhaps "success");
  • Blue vertex - a kind of ritual for distinguished heroes;
  • Green obtuse - (perhaps "not working" or "broken");
  • Green perpendicular (enemies, attacking forces) ;
  • Grey pentachoron (perhaps "criminal" or "outlaw"; someone who has stolen gree tech/broken gree law, could also mean "prison") ;
  • Orange sphere - (perhaps "state of tranquility");
  • Orange tangent - (perhaps "prosperous");
  • Purple parallel - (perhaps "successful situation" or "project");
  • Purple shift- (perhaps "repairs" or "solution" could also mean "redemption");
  • Purple vertex - (perhaps "trade" or "business");
  • Red parallel - (perhaps "solution");
  • Red rhombus - a very high honorary title given by the Gree;
  • White acute - (perhaps "grunt work");
  • White perpendicular - (perhaps "difficult");
  • White shift- (perhaps "falter" or "does not comprehend");
  • White vertex - (perhaps "negotiation");
  • Yellow concave- (perhaps "unsuccessful");
  • Yellow shift- (perhaps "divert" or "warp" could also mean "pervert");
  • My black sphere has evolved to a purple parallel - (My repairs were correctly applied and have resulted in complete success);

Note: suggested meanings are based on contextual clues.

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