"Were there any… survivors?"
"No survivors."
Rezi Soresh and Emperor Palpatine discuss the destruction of the Death Star[2]

Gree Baaker was a planet in the Gree Baaker system of the Outer Rim's Atrivis sector. Under the Galactic Empire, it was home to the Gree Baaker Labor Camp. Many of the camp's prisoners were transferred to work detail on the Death Star, and later perished with its destruction in 0 ABY.


Gree Baaker was a planet located in the system of the same name. It was part of the Atrivis sector of the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories.[1]


During the administration of the Galactic Empire, the planet was home to the Gree Baaker Labor Camp. Various prisoners were sentenced to life imprisonment on the planet, such as Ilaani Soresh and her son Kimali. Kimali had come under the influence of the Alliance to Restore the Republic shortly after graduating from the Imperial Academy, and his mother tried to help him escape and create a new identity. However, when she revealed this to her husband, Rezi Soresh, an Imperial officer, he turned both his wife and his son into the authorities, receiving a promotion for his loyalty to the Empire.[2]

The prisoners from Gree Baaker were later assigned to work duty[2] on the DS-1 Orbital Battle Station—more commonly known as the Death Star[3]—which was being constructed in the Horuz system of the Atrivis sector.[4] With the Death Star's destruction at the Battle of Yavin in 0 ABY, all of the Gree Baaker prisoners assigned there perished. Rezi Soresh was informed of their deaths in the presence of the Galactic Emperor Palpatine shortly after its destruction.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Gree Baaker was created by Alex Wheeler for her young adult novel Rebel Force: Target, published in 2008. It later received a placement in The Essential Atlas and its online companion, both published in 2009.



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