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The Gree Enclave or Gree Empire was a region of space in the Outer Rim Territories controlled by the isolationist Gree race. The planets of the Enclave were Asation, Licha In, Lonatro, Malanose, Te Hasa, and Gree itself.


"Gree are an ancient civilization, rarely seen anymore."
Master Oteg[3]

An ancient civilization, the Enclave was one of the earliest galactic governments that predated the Galactic Republic, which it did not join. Travel within the worlds of this region was enabled by a network of hypergates—which allowed instant travel between two locations by tunneling through hyperspace. At one point in its history, the Enclave came into conflict with the Kwa.

With the rise of the Rakatan Infinite Empire in circa 35,000 BBY, the Gree were defeated and pushed back to their home cluster by the Rakata. By the last years of the Galactic Republic, travel within the Enclave was restricted for non-Gree.

During the Imperial Period, the Gree Enclave had become a subsector of the Veragi sector.[2] Consul-General Skalus officially ruled the enclave from Asation, but in practice the Empire let the Gree rule their worlds. A sole Carrack-class cruiser orbited Asation to give the impression of an Imperial presence.[1]



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