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"I didn't want it to come to this. But then you broke the code."
―Greef Karga threatens the Mandalorian[src]

Greef Karga was a human male and former disgraced magistrate before becoming an agent of the Bounty Hunters' Guild following the collapse of the Galactic Empire. In around 9 ABY, he met with the bounty hunter named Din Djarin in a cantina to accept four bounties the hunter had captured. Djarin then refused to accept payment in Imperial credits, forcing Karga to pay him in Calamari Flan, after which he told of an unusual job from individual known as the Client associated with an Imperial remnant.

Karga was pleased when Djarin completed the job and after congratulating him gave him a new bounty to hunt down. Djarin however soon had a change of heart and rescued the Child whom he had originally delivered to the Client. Karga then led a group of other Guild members in confronting Djarin and trying to reclaim the Child, but ultimately the hunters were overwhelmed when Djarin's Tribe joined the battle. Karga fled and confronted Djarin alone in Djarin's starship, the Razor Crest, but the bounty hunter outwitted Karga and shot him off the ship and escaped.

The angered Client captured Karga's city in retaliation for losing his prize. This prompted Karga to seek Djarin's aid in liberating the planet. After planning to betray him, Karga had a change of heart and ended up fighting with Djarin. They planned to kill the Client but the plan went awry and the Client was killed by Moff Gideon. After facing a gun battle, Karga escaped to the lava flats where he was once again attacked by Gideon. However, Gideon was defeated by Djarin and Karga offered him a place in the Guild again. He refused but another person with them, Cara Dune, accepted the offer to become his personal enforcer.


Dealing jobsEdit

"There is one job."
"Let's see the puck."
"No puck. Face to face. Direct commission. Deep pocket."
"All I know is no chain code. Do you want the chit or not?"
―Karga gives the Mandalorian a new bounty — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

Greef Karga guided the Bounty Hunters' Guild on Nevarro.

Shortly after the collapse of the Galactic Empire, the human male Greef Karga operated as an agent of the Bounty Hunters' Guild.[2] One of the bounty hunters he worked with was known as Djarin, and in around 9 ABY, the hunter returned to Karga on Nevarro, having successfully captured four bounties the guild master had given him, including a Mythrol. Djarin met with Karga in a cantina to hand over the four tracking fobs, and once he had confirmation that the hunter had the bounties, Karga signaled to one of his men to go and collect the bounties—who had been encased in carbonite—from Djarin's starship, the Razor Crest.[1]

Karga then attempted to pay the bounty hunter in Imperial credits, but Djarin refused the currency due to the collapse of the regime. When the guild master argued, the bounty hunter rose to leave, prompting Karga to give in and offer to pay in Calamari Flan, although admitting he could only pay half what was owed in that form. Djarin accepted and asked what further jobs were available, attempting to claim all of those that Karga offered, but the guild master refused to hand them all over as he had other hunters who needed work. He explained to the hunter that the lack of work was due to those offering bounties not wanting to pay Guild rates.[1]


Greef Karga negotiates with Djarin on his next job at the cantina on Nevarro.

When the hunter was unimpressed with the fact that the highest job Karga had to offer only paid five thousand credits, the guild master offered up a contract from a man known as the Client. The job did not have a bounty puck, and required the hunter to meet with the Client face to face. Karga did not know anything more about the work, but after Djarin accepted it, he contacted the Client to let him know the bounty hunter was on the way.[1]

A successful jobEdit

"They're all weighing the beskar in their minds, but not me. No. I for one, I celebrate your success, because it is my success as well. Hell, even I'm rich."
―Karga congratulates the Mandalorian[src]

Djarin successfully completed the job and retrieved a Force-sensitive Child from the planet Arvala-7. As he returned with the bounty, Karga contacted Djarin via hologram and told him to deliver the Child directly to the Client. For his part in the job, Karga was paid at least two bars of beskar. Saucer Head later approached the Guild agent and attempted to justify the failure of his bounty with him, but Karga dismissed him when the bounty hunter demanded for more pucks. When Djarin later met with him in the cantina again, Karga praised him for his success and mocked the other hunters who had failed to collect the bounty. He suggested the hunter relax to celebrate and offered to take him to the Twi'lek healing baths, but Djarin refused and demanded another job.[3]

Karga offered him his pick of the best bounties and Djarin selected a Mon Calamari nobleman's son who had skipped bail and last been sighted on Karnac. Before he left, Djarin asked about the Client's plans for the Child, but Karga stated he did not know, as to have asked would have been against Guild protocol.[3]

Dealing with a traitorEdit

"Welcome back, Mando. Now put the package down."
"Step aside. I'm going to my ship."
"You put the bounty down and perhaps I'll let you pass."
"The kid's coming with me."
"If you truly care about the kid, then you'll put it on the speeder and we'll discuss terms."
"How do I know I can trust you?"
"Because I'm your only hope."
―Karga confronts Djarin — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

Djarin left, but soon had a change of heart and attacked the Imperials and rescued the Child. With the Child out of Imperial hands, the bounty fobs for the infant reactivated, including the one held by Karga. The agent then led the hunters with him in the cantina to ambush Djarin, surrounding him as he attempted to reach his ship with the Child. Karga demanded that Djarin hand over the bounty, ordering him to place it in a speeder so that they could discuss terms. Djarin appeared to surrender and comply, but upon reaching the speeder he took cover and opened fire.[3]


Karga and the Guild surrounded Djarin

Karga and the other hunters quickly took cover as Djarin began to slowly make his escape in the speeder. As the hunters and Djarin exchanged fire, Karga carefully took aim and shot the astromech droid piloting the speeder carrying Djarin and the child, causing the vehicle to crash. The other hunters began to close in, but Djarin opened fire with his Amban phase-pulse blaster, disintegrating three of his attackers and causing the rest to retreat to cover. Djarin demanded he be allowed to pass, but Karga refused and he and the other renewed their attack. Djarin briefly held off the Guild with his flamethrower, but once it ran out of fuel, they closed in again. Before they could reach Djarin however, the hunters came under attack from the rest of Djarin's Tribe, who flew in with jetpacks and rained missiles down upon the Guild members.[3]

Karga opened fire upon Djarins, but quickly fled as the other bounty hunters were overwhelmed. Karga headed to the Razor Crest, where he awaited Djarin's arrival by hiding in the upper deck. Once Djarin entered the hold, Karga confronted him at blaster point, but the bounty hunter managed to activate his carbonite freezing apparatus with his whipcord thrower, creating a cloud of gas that hid him from view. Karga fired blindly but missed, allowing Djarin to shoot the head of the Guild once in the chest and knock him back out of the ship. Karga survived the shot as it hit the beskar plate in his jacket. Djarin managed to escape with the Child, leaving Karga lying flat on his back on the dirt.[3]

Imperial occupationEdit

"If you would consider one last commission, I will very much make it worth your while."
―Karga, to Djarin — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

After Djarin's rescue, the Client put the city under Imperial occupation, disrupting the work of the Guild. So Karga asked Djarin to save the city from the Empire. Djarin headed to Nevarro with Cara Dune, IG-11, Kuiil, three blurrgs, and the Child. Karga met them with two bounty hunters and the company began traveling to the settlement. While they were camping during the night, the company was attacked by flying beasts who injured Karga. He was healed by the Child and the company proceeded towards the settlement. As they walked up a ridge overlooking the settlement, Karga shot the two bounty hunters and revealed that he had planned to lure Djarin back to Nevarro and then kill him but after being healed by the Child, he changed his mind.[4]

Karga Kills Hunters The Mandalorian

Karga killed his bounty hunters to save Djarin and his escort.

The group then came up with a plan of killing the Client. Karga, Djarin, and Dune went into town while Kuiil returned to the ship with the Child. They would trick the Client into buying the Child and then Djarin would shoot him. The plan went south when the Client talked to his superior, Moff Gideon. Gideon surrounded the compound with stormtroopers and shot up the place, killing the stormtroopers inside along with the Client.[4] He then gave an ultimatum to the group, telling them to either surrender or face death by an E-WEB.[5]

IG-11 saved the group, creating confusion in the ranks of stormtroopers, but Djarin was injured in the fighting when the E-WEB's power supply exploded so the group had to once again retreat into the compound. IG-11 cut a hole for the group to escape. The group journeyed into the sewers, found the Armorer of Djarins, and then escaped through a lava river. After IG-11 sacrificed himself for Karga, Djarin, Dune, and the Child by killing the stormtroopers surrounding the exit to the lava flats of Nevarro, Moff Gideon attacked with a TIE fighter. Karga attempted to bring down the fighter with his blaster but he was unsuccessful. Djarin was able to take down the fighter in the end and Karga commented on the Imperials being purged from his world. He offered to take Djarin back into the Guild, but the Mandalorian declined, as the bounty hunter was now focused on returning the Child to his own kind. He also made an offer of Guild membership to Dune who accepted.[5]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Nevarro is a very fine planet. And now that the scum and villainy have been washed away, it's very respectable again."
"As a bounty hunter hive?"
"Some of my favorite people are bounty hunters."
―Karga and Din Djarin[src]

Karga partnered with Cara Dune and Din Djarin.

Karga described Djarin to the Client as the best bounty hunter with in the parsec, but also expensive. He attempted to convince Djarin that he could still spend Imperial credits when the hunter refused to accept them and attempted to claim it was the only payment he had available, but quickly gave up and offered Calamari Flan when the bounty hunter threatened to leave with the pucks. He could speak in Huttese as well as Galactic Basic. Karga had dark skin, black hair and brown eyes.[1]

Karga was initially willing to betray Djarin, but also displayed his conscience when, after he was healed by the Child, he made the decision to execute his own escort and side with the Mandalorian.[4] Like Djarin and Cara Dune, he was bereft of knowledge pertaining to the Force and those who wielded it.[5]


"I can do Calamari Flan… but I can only pay half."
―Karga struggles to pay the Mandalorian without using Imperial credits[src]
Karga Action The Mandalorian

Karga uses his blasters.

Greef Karga had access to enough Imperial credits to pay Djarin's bounty fees, but could only afford to pay half of the fees using the Calamari Flan he had available.[1] He was paid at least two bars of beskar for Djarin's successfully capture of the Child and used a blaster pistol in battle, sometimes two.[3] He wore a brown jacket over a lighter brown shirt with a bandolier and brown gloves.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Greef Karga first appeared in the first episode of the 2019 Disney+ television series The Mandalorian,[1] which aired on November 12, 2019.[6] He was portrayed by Carl Weathers.[1] On September 3, 2020, Weathers confirmed he reprised his role for the show's second season.[7]


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