Greel wood was a dark scarlet wood harvested from the greel trees native to the planets Pii III and Pii IV in the Pii system. It was favored as a luxury item throughout the galaxy owing its color and rarity.[8][2]


Some models of groundcoach[2] including the Ubrikkian Transports LuxurPort Zisparanza,[9] utilized greel wood in both interior and exterior paneling.[2] Greel wood was also used in the construction of furniture, high-end jewelry, and ornamental products.[1] The walls of the Aspre Plunge casino were paneled in highly polished greel wood,[4] as were the luxurious gambling rooms of the undersea passenger liner Coral Vanda.[10]

It was used in furniture and in some lightsaber hilts. Darth Vader's Palace contained spartan chairs and tables made from greel wood. Platt Okeefe had a greel wood wardrobe onboard her ship, the Last Chance. The Bothan crime lord Akris Ur'etu had a desk made from Greel wood inside one of his Skar'kla Consortium bases. Pok Nar-Ten of the Klatooinian Trade Guild had furniture made of Greel wood.


The Greel Wood Logging Corporation was responsible for harvesting greel wood from the worlds of Pii III and Pii IV in the Arkanis sector.[8][11] With Industrial Automaton, the Greel Wood Logging Corporation developed the FLR "Lumberdroid" for its tree-felling operations.[12]

As a teenager, Tirs Maladane spent a summer on Pii III working in the greel wood industry to earn some money.[13]


The interior of Hutt caravels were lined with greel wood


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