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This article is about the callsign of the Commander of Green Squadron. You may be looking for the clone trooper Green Leader, who led Green Company during the Clone Wars.

Green Leader was the callsign of the Commander of Green Squadron. There were a number of starfighter squadrons with this name, and several beings went by the name Green Leader.


Rebel AllianceEdit

An X-wing pilot that escorted the freighter Otana past Imperial Star Destroyers during the Battle of Hoth was designated Green Leader. Olin Garn also served as Green Leader when he escorted the Azzameen family in delivering bacta to a Rebel hospital. Arvel Crynyd served as Green Leader in the Alliance Fleet, leading a squadron of RZ-1 A-wing interceptors into combat during the Battle of Endor, but was killed during the battle. After his A-wing was fatally hit, it went into a roll. However, Crynyd managed to steer his A-Wing toward the unshielded bridge of Executor and crash into it.

Stevan Makintay also commanded a Green Squadron at Eyrie Base, and presumably went by this callsign.

New RepublicEdit

A Green Leader was killed in combat against World Devastators during the Battle of Calamari.

Later, another Green Leader was stationed in the Ottegan system when the troopship Pelagia was destroyed by a missile fired from the Galaxy Gun.

Yakown Reth served as Green Leader during the Yuuzhan Vong War.



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