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Green Squadron, or Green Group, was the name of a number of starfighter squadrons that served the Rebel Alliance and New Republic throughout the Galactic Civil War.


Battle of YavinEdit

This squadron provided cover for Blue Squadron during the Battle of Yavin.[1] Their main goal had been to join Blue Squadron in an attack run on the station's superlaser, and also hopefully distract the Empire from the exhaust port attack.[2]

Battle of HothEdit

During the Battle of Hoth, members from the Rebellion's Green and Blue Squadrons and Rogue Flight were cobbled together and pressed into service as a unified "Rogue Squadron," doubling up as pilots and gunners aboard the Rebels' T-47 airspeeders.[2] The remaining Blues and Greens either piloted evacuating transports or their fighter escorts during the battle.[3][4]

Eyrie BaseEdit

Under the command of Stevan Makintay, this Green Squadron was stationed at Eyrie Base on the planet Karatha. The squadron took part in an attack on an Imperial supply carrier when the base was low on supplies.

Aboard LibertyEdit

A Green Squadron, flying Y-wing and later B-wing starfighters was stationed aboard the Liberty during operations in the Airam sector as well as in the months leading up to the Battle of Endor.

Battle of EndorEdit

Green Squadron flew A-wings during the Battle of Endor. In that engagement, Green Leader was Arvel Crynyd, who famously helped destroy the Executor.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Star Wars: A New Hope novelization mentions a Green Squadron covering the squadron that would become the film's Red Squadron. Since only the novelization mentions Green and every other squadron's name changed from novel to film, it was uncertain for many years if that extra squadron was named Green. The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia finally referenced the Battle of Yavin's Green Squadron in 2008.



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