Grelka Sorka was a female individual who served as the New Republic Senator for Askaji in 5 ABY. She ran a committee at the Galactic Senate and was acquainted with Senator Tolwar Wartol. Prior to the Battle of Jakku, the Black Sun and Red Key crime syndicates conspired to prolong the Galactic Civil War. To force Sorka's cooperation, they kidnapped her beloved pet jerba. Under coercion, Sorka and four other blackmailed senators voted against Chancellor Mon Mothma's resolution to send military forces to Jakku. A team led by Sinjir Rath Velus and Han Solo managed to foil the criminal conspiracy but were unable to save Sorka's jerba, who had been sold to a black market butchery. After Sinjir posed as an adviser to the Chancellor and issued a missive offering the five senators pardons and political favors if they changed their votes, Sorka voted in favor of the resolution. Sinjir also lied that he had managed to rescue her jerba in order to facilitate her cooperation.[1]

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