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RotJ Leia holding Thermal Detonator

Thermal detonator, a type of grenade.

Grenade was a hand-held explosive device. It was usually thrown by hand, but sometimes launched from a grenade launcher.[1] There were several types of grenade which were different in purposes.

Grenade typesEdit

Designed with the general purpose of a grenade, thermal detonators made destructive explosions when activated.[2]

Electro Magnetic Pulse grenades were known to generate electricity that disables mechanics and gave no destruction to nearby terrain. Therefore, it helped the Grand Army of the Republic during the liberation of Ryloth by making minimal damage to the native settlements.[3] These were often used against the Separatist Droid Army.[4]

Smoke bombs were used to distract opponents by clouding their visuals. During the Age of the Empire, Sabine Wren created a distraction using a smoke bomb for her fellow rebels to escape from Imperial forces.[5]



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