The grenade mortar was a powerful weapon that was designed to lob grenades over long distances. Many were fitted with repulsorlift platform, meaning that they could easily be transported across the battlefield quickly, laying down barrages and relocating before counter-battery fire could be called down. The market leader could shoot grenades at a rate of one every 1.2 seconds at a range of over one kilometer. A sound dampener was often added to give the weapon a degree of stealth, while it boasted a sophisticated targeting computer in order to compensate dark or foggy conditions.

The grenade mortar could also be loaded onto a two-person repulsorlift platform, increasing the ammo capacity to five hundred grenades and the top speed to 250 kilometers per hour. To reach these speeds the platform was powered by an X-7a repulsorlift engine and four thrust vectors. The main disadvantage of this platform though was its weakness, a simple blaster shot could do considerable damage and the pilot and gunner were left dangerously open. The grenade launcher could, however, be exchanged with an E-Web heavy repeating blaster if the situation called for it. Four or more platforms normally worked together to lay down light ordnance.



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