"If you ever get on Vleen's bad side, you're as good as dead."
Platt Okeefe[src]

Captain Gresia Vleen was in command of the Interdictor cruiser, the Tory's Catcher, and patrolled the Noonian sector. She had long brown hair which she wore in a tight bun. She had an athletic body of such proportions that many Human males could not keep their eyes off her.

Vleen appeared cool, calm, and patient, but was in reality extremely short-tempered. She was known to shoot freighter captains at point blank for mouthing and to blast ships out of the sky for not following procedure. She would personally inspect every crate of cargo, and would also have Imperial technicians investigate maintenance ducts and engineering spaces. She was accompanied by several squads of stormtroopers whom she always ordered to secure the ship to be inspected before inspection.

She was eager to prove her worth as an Imperial captain and was extremely meticulous. She expected full cooperation from inspectees. Freighter captains ogling at her good looks would sometimes find themselves looking at the wrong end of a blaster barrel.

At some point before 1 ABY, Vleen captured smugglers Thi Sawrtin and Zayl Braith, who were performing a "routinary" smuggling run through Noonian sector. Sawrtin tried to bribe Vleen, in reply she shot Sawrtin. Then, she impounded Sawrtin's ship and convinced Braith to serve sentence on Rol II.[2]


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