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"You need a loan. I heard about the rathtars. King Prana's not happy."
Maz Kanata to Han Solo[src]

Grevoth Prana IX was a male individual who served as a king of the Kaboryth cluster.[2] A pompous and conceited monarch, he was also a collector and trader of exotic and dangerous creatures, which he kept in his own expansive zoo. He had a longstanding rivalry with another royal, Regent Solculvis of the Mol'leaj system, who maintained a similar facility.[1] At the time of the conflict between the First Order and the Resistance, Prana hired the smuggler Han Solo to collect three rathtars, dangerous tentacled predators,[3] for his personal zoo in an effort to outdo Solculvis. When Solo failed to deliver the rathtars, however, Prana was left unhappy and word spread as far as Takodana.[4]


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