The Greysor was a four legged, carnivorous primate from the planet of Naboo. It was long used during hunts and birding parties by the Nabooian aristocracy.


A domestic greysor.

Wild greysors hunted in packs of 2 to 12 individuals. They hunted mostly rodents and shaaks, but occasionally scavenged carrion. When hunting, they relied on the sense of sight more than smell. Wild greysors were known to be plagued by fleas.

There were several varieties of domesticated greysor—stubtail, bounder, and manadept being the most common. Domesticated greysors were most often kept in kennels; it was considered "unwise" to keep greysors and twirrls together. Greysors were born one at a time. They burrowed with their mother until they were mature (four to six weeks old).

Greysors had nonretractable claws, ideal for running fast. To keep them balanced while running they had an aerodynamic tail.

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