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"I've never seen a virus like this. I'm almost positive it was remotely activated—probably from Grievous's command ship as soon as we jumped into range. Whoever designed it—they're genius."
Republic Lieutenant Avrey[src]

This computer virus was newly developed by the Confederacy of Independent Systems at the time of the Clone Wars. Once the virus infiltrated the computer system of a starship, it could jam all communication systems of the same.

Confederate General Grievous deployed the virus for the first time, after a Confederate agent smuggled the virus aboard various ships of the Galactic Republic's fleet. During the Battle of Kothlis, he remotely activated the virus which jammed the whole communication between the Republic forces. The Republic fleet continued their attack against the Confederate battleships and their technicians were able to restore communication by using older crystal bio-anode circuitry which were not affected by the virus. This forced the Confederate forces to withdraw.

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