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"It's been too long since we've seen some action."
―Griff Halloran[src]

Griff Halloran was a human male pilot who served with the Ace Squadron during the era of the New Republic. Halloran's past, prior to his time flying defense for the Colossus refueling station, was shrouded in mystery. Although he wore a customized version of the TIE fighter pilot uniform, even going so far as to sport an Imperial crest tattoo on both of his arms, it was unknown whether Halloran actually was a veteran of the Imperial Navy or if he simply evoked the memory of the former Galactic Empire to appear more intimidating.

Like his teammates, Halloran was an accomplished pilot who owned a starfighter, suited to his attributes. The Black Ace was an extensively modified TIE/ln space superiority starfighter; Halloran designed the modifications himself in order to turn his racer into a unique and fearsome machine that emphasized raw power.



Ace Squadron

Griff Halloran flew defense for the Colossus as a member of the Ace Squadron.

Griff Halloran was a pilot who spent his latter years flying defense for the Colossus refueling station[1] during the era of the New Republic.[2] Halloran flew the colors of the former Galactic Empire[1] while serving with Ace Squadron—a team of exceptional starfighter pilots—during his time as a pilot and racer.[2] Although his appearance evoked the bygone days of the Imperial Era, no one was certain whether Halloran truly was a veteran of the Imperial Navy or if he simply utilized Imperial imagery to intimidate his foes.[1]

Xiono's visitEdit

Griff was present at the Aces' Lounge in Doza Tower when fellow Ace pilot Hype Fazon gave the mechanics Tamara Ryvora, Neeku Vozo, undercover Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono, and BB-series astromech droid BB-8 a tour of the building. Unknown to everyone, Xiono was on a mission to spy on Major Elrik Vonreg, who had come to negotiate a First Order offer of protection with Captain Imanuel Doza.[5]

Escort dutiesEdit

While Griff and his fellow Aces were escorting a shipment, the pirate leader Kragan Gorr and his Warbird gang, at the behest of the First Order, launched a second raid on the Colossus. Though the pirates were rebuffed, this raid convinced Captain Doza to reconsider the First Order's protection offer.[6]

The Platform ClassicEdit

Griff later competed in the Platform Classic against his fellow Aces, galactic racing champion Marcus Speedstar, and Speedstar's estranged older brother and garage owner Jarek Yeager. During the first phase of the race, Griff disabled fellow Ace Bo Keevil's racer Yellow Ace, causing it to crash in the sea. Griff and the other racers then ascended into space and did a deep dive with their engines switched off. After passing through the re-ignition hoop, Griff tried to ram Speedstar's ship but failed. Griff was forced to eject from his racer Black Ace to avoid an accident. Speedstar ultimately won the race and was able to use the prize money to free his friend Oplock from the Guavian Death Gang.[7]

Xiono's second visitEdit

Colossus resistance

Halloran and his fellow Aces supported the Colossus resistance against the First Order.

Griff and his fellow Aces were later socializing at the Aces' Lounge when Torra gave her friend Xiono a tour of Doza Tower. Griff remarked that Captain Doza better get the racers going since it had been a long time since they had seen action. Unknown to everyone, Xiono was on a another mission to spy on Captain Doza's meeting with First Order emissary Commander Pyre.[8]

Personality and traitsEdit

Much of Griff Halloran's personality was reflected in his personal starship, the Black Ace. Favoring a unique and fearsome design, Halloran's customized ship was an aggressively powerful and aerodynamic machine, although to some observers his extensive modifications were regarded as too drastic.[9] While his alleged affiliation with the old Galactic Empire was the subject of rumors,[1] Halloran nonetheless sported two Imperial crest tattoos, one on each arm.[2]

Halloran was a human male with gray hair, gray eyes, and light skin.[1]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Griff Halloran was an accomplished pilot whose abilities enabled him to fly and race alongside the best pilots on the Colossus platform.[2] In addition, he was a skilled mechanic who made many personal modifications and extensive refittings to his own Imperial-issue TIE/ln space superiority starfighter.[9]


During the cold war, Griff Halloran wore a modified flight suit which included parts of the equipment utilized by TIE fighter pilots. His black flight helmet was also designed by the former Empire, although he customized it by adding white paint to the faceplate.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Griff Halloran is a character created and developed for the Star Wars Resistance animated series. He is voiced by Stephen Stanton, who voiced Wilhuff Tarkin in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.[2]



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