"It seems your Padawan, according to our sensor readings, landed in the foothills of Mount Octan."
"Is that bad?"
"It is not good. Many dangerous creatures live in the foothills ... This hide, for example, came from a wild grillik—a large, six-legged reptile."
"Do you hunt them?"
"No. This particular grillik was mortally wounded during her attempt to prevent alien poachers from stealing her offspring. When I found her, she was in agony. With this weapon, I ended her pain. I wear her skin so her death was not in vain."
"Did you ever catch the poachers?"
"Yes. Their deaths were not in vain, either."
"How so?"
"Because they served as a warning to others, and we haven't had any visits from poachers since."
"I hope Anakin doesn't trip over any grilliks...
―The margravine Quenelle educates Jedi Knights Bultar Swan and Obi-Wan Kenobi about the wild grillik of Nallastia.[src]

The wild grillik was a large reptilian creature native to the jungle-moon of Nallastia. Covered in scales, the reptile had six muscular legs and a long, lean body. Its jaws encased three rows of very sharp teeth.

Grilliks were generally peaceful, but they could be extremely territorial, especially toward those who wandered too close to their nests.

The Margravine Quenelle issued sentences of death to poachers of Nallastian wildlife.[1]

In 23 BBY, in the grassy foothills of Nallastia's Mount Octan, an 18-year-old Jedi Padawan, Anakin Skywalker, crash-landed a CloakShape fighter that he'd borrowed from Senator Rodd while on a mission to Fondor.[1][2]

On his first night on Nallastia, near the jungle-fringes of his campsite, Skywalker came face to face with a wild grillik, which he battled and drove back into the dense jungle growth, relatively unharmed but with the admonition, "Let that be a lesson to you."[1]

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