Grindalids were a worm-like sentient species native to Persis IX, an Expansion Region planet with a dense atmosphere that blocked out sunlight. Grindalids had photosensitive skin that caused them to burn when exposed to sunlight. Lady Proxima led the White Worms on Corellia during the Imperial Era, alongside fellow Grindalids Moloch and Jabbat. Han Solo later exploited her vulnerability to light in order to escape the lair, twice.

Biology and appearance[]

"How many bracelets did you make?!"
"Proxima has a lot of arms!"
Sana Starros and Doctor Chelli Lona Aphra[src]

Moloch wearing his mask

Sentient annelids[2] with similarities to worm[1] and insect species,[5] Grindalids were native to Persis IX,[4] a homeworld with a dense atmosphere that rendered them light-adverse. Because of this, their squinting,[3] sensitive eyes were easily damaged on lighter worlds,[5] and their photosensitive skin burned and blistered when exposed to direct sunlight.[1] Some wore protective clothing when outside, consisting of articulated faceplates, flexible cowl armor, long coats, gloves, and full-seal armored coverings.[3]

Grindalids hatched from eggs and lived in watery pools as youngsters. They had pale faces, squinting eyes, and large, curved heads. While seemingly humanoid in appearance while wearing armored coverings, Grindalids had tapered tail segments in place of legs. Some were capable of impersonating a humanoid walk through extensive practice.[3] Grindalids possessed two primary, if stubby, arms, with many more pairs of shorter pincers running the length of their wrinkled, serpentine bodies.[5]

Grindalids were carnivores, eating vermin like vervikks and screerats.[3]

Society and culture[]

"You'll never know how much it pains me to destroy something as beautiful as you."
―Moloch, to Qi'ra[src]

Females fed and cared for young hatchlings in filmy watery pools, chewing up morsels of meat to feed to their baby worms.[3]

Some Grindalids were spiritual: Moloch believed in the promise of an afterlife with endless riches.[3] Others adorned their bodies with trinkets and jewels: Proxima wore plates and rings down the length of her back.[5]


Grindalids Moloch (left) and Proxima (right) with scrumrats (center)

Following the fall of the Republic, several members of the species formed the White Worms,[5] a gang of scrumrats in the slums of Corellia. The gang was led by the Grindalid crime lord Lady Proxima from her Den, assisted by Moloch. She issued orders from the watery pool in which she resided with her young hatchlings.[3]


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