"Bone broth, for the little one."
"Oh, well, you're in luck. I just took down a grinjer, so there's plenty."
―Din Djarin and the proprietor[1]

A grinjer was a creature that could be found on Sorgan. The grinjer's bones could be turned into bone broth, a type of soup.[1] Around 9 ABY,[2] the Mandalorian human Din Djarin ordered the broth from a tavern on the planet for Grogu he protected. The tavern's proprietor informed him that he was in luck, as she had recently killed a grinjer, providing an ample amount of the soup.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The grinjer was mentioned in "Chapter 4: Sanctuary," an episode of the first season of Jon Favreau's television series The Mandalorian. The episode was written by Favreau and aired on Disney+[1] on November 29, 2019.[3]



Notes and references[]

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