"I've talked to my uncle for us. He has connections to the Black Sun cartel. He thinks they'd be willing to—"

Griph was a Falleen male who fell in love with a Twi'lek girl sometime before the Plot to assassinate Padmé Amidala. His lover had ran away from her father and join the Black Sun. After consulting with his uncle, who had connections with the criminal syndicate, he met with the Twi'lek in a cantina on Ord Mantell. While Griph informed his lover of how she could reach the Black Sun, several bounty hunters, hired to capture her, confronted them. One of them ordered Griph to leave, and he ran away, leaving the Twi'lek on her own.[1]

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Griph first appeared in the canon comic Age of Republic - Jango Fett 1, written by Jody Houser, illustrated by Luke Ross[1] and released on January 9 2019.[2]


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