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"I've talked to my uncle for us. He has connections to the Black Sun cartel. He thinks they'd be willing to—"

The uncle of the Falleen male Griph was a male individual who had connections to the Black Sun criminal cartel.[1] Sometime by 22 BBY,[2] Griph, who wanted to join the Black Sun, was at a cantina on the planet Ord Mantell with his Twi'lek lover. The Falleen told his lover that his uncle had connections to the Black Sun and that he thought the criminal syndicate would be willing to let them in, but Griph was interrupted by the young bounty hunter-in-training Boba Fett, who was hired by the Twi'lek's father to return her to him.[1]

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Griph's uncle was mentioned in the comic Age of Republic - Jango Fett 1, written by Jody Houser,[1] and published by Marvel Comics on January 9, 2019.[3]


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