"This is Prime Minister Grist, Ikkrukk's leader."
Suralinda Javos, introducing Grist to Poe Dameron[src]

Grist was a female Ikkrukkian Prime Minister.[2] When Ikkrukk was attacked by the First Order and internal Ikkrukk First Order sympathizers, Grist sent out a distress call, hoping to get the attention of the Resistance. Black Squadron of the Resistance, who had planned to visit Ikkrukk as part of a mission to gain allies, picked up the distress call, and contacted Grist, telling her that they would help prevent the attack. Black Squadron split up, with part of the team landing at the city, where they became separated from Grist, and some staying in the sky.[1] Eventually Black Three Jessika Pava linked up with Grist's loyalist forces and reactivated the defense grid, destroying the Fortitude and stopping the attack. Grist pledged to support the Resistance, and invited Black Squadron for drinks.[2] However, she later retracted from helping them.[3]

As an Ikkrukkian, Grist had white skin, yellow eyes, and brown hair. She wore jewelry across her face.[1]

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Grist first appeared in the comic Poe Dameron 30, written by Charles Soule, illustrated by Angel Unzueta,[1] and published on August 15, 2018.[4]

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