Grivooga was an oversized hydrospanner owned by the unsociable male Ab'Ugartte Jak Sazz. Sazz himself named the hydrospanner and constantly talked to it, treating the inanimate object as a close friend. He carried Grivooga around with him everywhere he went; some beings joked and bet that Sazz even took it into the turboshower with him. Sazz often used Grivooga to batter his food, which he preferred to eat live. Grivooga was also used to repair Sazz's weathered starship.[1]

One of Sazz's former crewmates harassed the Ab'Ugartte about his relationship with Grivooga, which the crewmate found humorous. Sazz, not possessing a sense of humor, beat the crewmate to death with Grivooga and cooked the being's remains for a meal, consequently deterring future crewmates from making similar remarks about Sazz's relationship with the hydrospanner. Sazz later claimed that Grivooga had no qualms about being used in such a manner.[1] The Ab'Ugartte was later present with Grivooga at the Byss Bistro on the planet Byss in 10 ABY.[2]

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Grivooga was first pictured in the fifth issue of the Dark Empire comic book series, illustrated by Cam Kennedy in 1992. It was given a full background in the Dark Empire Sourcebook by Michael Allen Horne in 1993 and was referenced in Jak Sazz's entries in A Guide to the Star Wars Universe, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded, the Star Wars Encyclopedia, and The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.

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