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"They are traditionalists—tonsorially as well as politically. The style of dress and facial adornments pay homage to the regalia of Queen Elsinore [sic] den Tasia of Grizmallt, who dispatched an expeditionary fleet of humans to the planet some four thousand years ago, and to whom some Naboo claim to be able to trace an unbroken ancestry."
―Larsh Hill, on the Naboo — (audio) Listen (file info)[10]

Grizmallt was a planet in the Core Worlds, inhabited by Humans called the Grizmallti. Queen Elsinoré den Tasia began her reign of Grizmallt around 3950 BBY, launching an era of colonization and exploration. Although many of the expeditions failed, Grizmallti colonists populated various planets around the galaxy, including eight in the Renatasia system and Nam Chorios. Around 3900 BBY, Grizmallt was engulfed in a civil war, and Tasia sponsored a final expedition of refugees that resulted in the Human colonization of the planet Naboo.

In the final century of the Galactic Republic, Grizmallt held one of the galaxy's largest engineering facilities, and at the outbreak of the Clone Wars the planet's commissars commenced operations to increase their competition with Kuat Drive Yards. At some point between 21 BBY and 18 BBY, Queen Apailana and Senator Jar Jar Binks of Naboo paid a state visit to Grizmallt. Binks created a famous gaffe due to the differences between the Royal Script of Grizmallt and the Naboo Futhark, which had evolved from the former writing system. Grizmallt was later an Imperial fortress world, but in 6 ABY the planet surrendered to the New Republic fleet of Admiral Gial Ackbar.


Grizmallt was a terrestrial[2] planet in theCore Worlds' Grizmallt system. It lay on the Perlemian Trade Route hyperlane, which connected it to the planets Alsakan and Corulag and served as a dividing line between the Northern Dependencies and the Slice—specifically, the Arrowhead—portions of the Core Worlds.[1] A rare subspecies of nerf was found there, which had little connection to other examples of the same species. It was speculated that their differences in neck length and body shape with common nerfs were the result of millennia of reaching for leaves and berries on high tree limbs.[3]


Alsakan Conflicts and colonial expansion[]

Queen Tasia of Grizmallt launched an age of colonization, leading to the Human colonization of the Renatasia system.

During the Alsakan Conflicts from 17,000 BBY and 12,000 BBY between the Galactic Republic and Alsakan, Grizmallt was on the side of the latter.[11] Around 4000 BBY, the Grizmallti discovered a Mid Rim Territories planet[7] in the southern galactic quadrant[5] which they named Nabu, in reference to one of their principal deities. Grizmallti aristocrats used Nabu as a vacation spot, causing the world's natives, the Gungans, to withdraw into the swamps to avoid the newcomers.[7]

Around 3950 BBY, Elsinoré den Tasia became queen of Grizmallt and ushered in a new age of exploration and colonization.[5] During Tasia's reign, the Palazzo Reina was built, and writing inside it used the Royal Script of Grizmallt, an oval-based writing system.[2] In 3950 BBY, Tasia sponsored the colonization of the Renatasia system,[1] which led to the colonization of eight planets there, although they became isolated from the rest of the galaxy.[12] Most of Grizmallt's colonization efforts failed as colony ships became destroyed or lost,[5] and the planet was engulfed in a civil war[7] around 3900 BBY.[5]

Colonization of Naboo[]

"At approximately 3900 BBY, Queen Tasia of Grizmallt sponsored one of the last of her world's colonization missions."
―A Galactic Alliance historical document[4]

Humans from Grizmallt colonized Naboo (pictured).

Around that time, the dying Queen Tasia sponsored an expedition towards the southern galactic quadrant of fortune and glory-seeking[5] Human Grizmallti refugees[7] aboard three colony ships,[1] the Beneficent Tasia and its support starships, Constant and Mother Vima. The expedition was blessed by a famous Jedi Master[5] and led by the scout Kwilaan.[13] Tasia passed away, hoping for the expedition to land safely in her final moments, but contact with the Beneficent Tasia was lost shortly afterward. The Grizmallti assumed that the ships had been lost, but they had only been damaged and unable to make contact due to the hazards of space.[5]

Much later it was learned that the expedition had survived and that[4] the refugees had colonized Nabu. The planet's name was later changed to Naboo, and the descendants of the colonists became known as the eponymous Naboo people,[7] who developed a handwritten script called Futhark based on the Royal Script of Grizmallt.[2] Among many other worlds, the Grizmallti also colonized[6] the Outer Rim Territories planet[1] Nam Chorios,[6] which eventually became a prison colony.[4] Around 3642 BBY,[14] Moff Tyrak of the Sith Empire had the best surgeon on Grizmallt surgically turn his hair gold, claiming it to be a million-credit job.[15]

Twilight of the Republic[]

"Rather than sniff out conspiracy in every corner, I think this is just a political save-face maneuver. After the embarrassment of last week's plea to Dooku, I think Palpatine's finally getting some real direction by turning to those more proactive than he."
―Senator Tashrikam of Grizmallt[8]

An engineering facility on Grizmallt rivaled that of Kuat Drive Yards (logo pictured).

In the last century of the Galactic Republic, Grizmallt was home to one of the galaxy's largest heavy engineering facilities, rivaled only by Kuat Drive Yards and Rendili Stardrive.[6] The Naboo continued to honor the memory of Tasia thousands of years later, with some individuals paying homage through their dress style and facial adornments and claiming an unbroken ancestry to her. This fact was acknowledged by Muun financier Larsh Hill in a meeting on Naboo between 67 BBY and 65 BBY.[10] During the Invasion of Naboo by the Trade Federation in 32 BBY,[4] the handmaidens of Naboo's Queen Amidala wore dark purple robes decorated with a symbol associated with Grizmallt.[16]

In 22 BBY,[17] Grizmallt was represented in the Galactic Senate of the Republic by Senator Tashrikam. Following Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's formation of the Loyalist Committee, a group intended to diplomatically address the growing Confederacy of Independent Systems, Tashrikam referred to the committee as a political maneuver to save face, while also stating that Palpatine was gaining direction by turning to more proactive senators. Tashrikam's statements were recorded in the 13:3:28 issue of the HoloNet News CoCo District Edition.[8]

Clone Wars[]

"While the two scripts are similar, small variances differentiate the Royal Script from the Naboo Futhark, a fact made eminently clear when Senator Binks of Naboo famously misinterpreted the name of the Palazzo's Heroine Hall as "Hero in Hell" during Queen Apailana's state visit to the world."
―Doctor Milanda Vorgan, writing about the Royal Script of Grizmallt[2]

Senator Jar Jar Binks participated in a state visit to Grizmallt, where he made a famous gaffe.

Later that year, tensions between the Republic and the Separatists erupted into the galaxy-wide Clone Wars at the Battle of Geonosis, which saw a Republic victory thanks to the appearance of Acclamator-class assault ships designed by Kuat Drive Yards. Shortly afterwards, the commissars of Grizmallt ordered industrial spies and starship designers to reduce Kuat Drive Yards' competitive lead in securing new contracts for military vessels.[18]

In 21 BBY,[19] the Festival of Light was held on Naboo in commemoration of the planet joining the Republic, and part of the celebration included a holographic display of one of the Grizmallti colony ships.[20] Between 21 BBY and 18 BBY,[21] Queen Apailana[2] of Naboo[22] paid a state visit to Grizmallt along with[2] Gungan[4] senator Jar Jar Binks. Apailana and Binks visited the Palazzo Reina, where the senator created a famous incident by misreading the name of the building's Heroine Hall as "Hero in Hell," due to the slight variances between the Royal Script of Grizmallt and Naboo Futhark.[2]

Empire and New Republic[]

"At last. All right, I can tell you now: I've finally delivered the secret formula for new improved Slipthroat Grizmallt Liquor! "If it's Grizmallt, it slips down your throat." The local bottling operation thanks you!"
―An individual to a spacer who helped escort them to safety[23]

In 19 BBY, the Republic was transformed into the Galactic Empire,[4] under which Grizmallt became a fortress world.[9] Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, fought between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance as part of the Galactic Civil War, an individual developed a secret formula for Slipthroat Grizmallt Liquor, and undertook a long trip to deliver it, with all of their companions dying in the process.[23]

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Near the end of their journey, the individual encountered a spacer and asked them for assistance in getting to their destination, without revealing what they carried. After the spacer agreed and escorted them to safety through some hostility, the individual revealed to the spacer that they carried the secret formula.[23]

Grizmallt surrendered to the fleet of Admiral Ackbar.

Later in the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance transitioned into the New Republic and captured the the galactic capital Coruscant[9] in 6 ABY.[1] Alongside Alsakan, Wukkar, and many other worlds, Grizmallt surrendered to the fleet of the New Republic Admiral Gial Ackbar[9] with little resistance.[6] Grizmallt's role in the colonization of Naboo was recorded in a document by the Historical Council of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances,[4] and the link between the Royal Script of Grizmallt and Naboo Futhark, along with the events of Binks' visit, was documented by Doctor Milanda Vorgan in the academic text "The Written Word: A Brief Introduction to the Writing Systems of Galactic Basic" in 38 ABY.[2]


Grizmallt was a heavily populated world,[6] inhabited by Humans called the Grizmallti,[7] who had a written language called the Royal Script of Grizmallt.[2] The planet had a monarchial government under Queen Tasia,[5] and was represented in the Galactic Senate around the time of the Separatist Crisis.[8] The commissars of Grizmallt were a group active around the time of the Clone Wars, playing a role in coordinating starship designs for the Republic.[18]


"There, the Royal Script still graces the Palazzo Reina and other buildings dating to the rule of Queen Tasia, and is used on street signs in the capital's Old Quarter."
―Doctor Milanda Vorgan, writing on Grizmallt[2]

Grizmallt contained one of the galaxy's largest heavy engineering facilities.[6] During Tasia's reign, the Palazzo Reina was constructed, containing Heroine Hall. The capital of Grizmallt had an Old Quarter, which, like the Palazzo Reina and buildings from Tasia's reign, had signage written in the Royal Script of Grizmallt.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

"Jar-Jar's 'diplomatic incident' with Queen Apailana during her state visit to Grizmallt seemed a good way to hint at the orthographic drift between the Naboo and their forebears, and to have a little fun with a certain klutzy Gungan, of whom we've seen so little in the post-RotS timeframe."
―John Hazlett, in the endnotes for "The Written Word"[24]

Grizmallt was first mentioned in the Dark Empire Sourcebook.

Grizmallt was first mentioned in the Dark Empire Sourcebook, written by Michael Allen Horne and published by West End Games in 1993.[9] In Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided Quick Reference Guide, published in 2003 as a companion to the video game Star Wars Galaxies, the planet's name was mispelled as "Grizmalit",[25] an error repeated in later guides for the game and its expansions.[26][27] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed Grizmallt in grid square L-9.[1] In his Hyperspace article "The Written Word," published on March 5, 2010,[28] author John Hazlett drew from a reference to Grizmallt made in[24] the 2005[4] reference book The New Essential Chronology to hint at the idea of the changing of language between Grizmallt and Naboo over time, while also creating a fun incident with the character of Jar Jar Binks.[24]



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