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"I'm just a Fleet adjutant. I don't know much about these political things."
―Grodin Tierce[src]

Grodin Tierce's clone was a Human male. A clone of the Royal Guardsman Grodin Tierce, he, along with the con artist Flim and Moff Disra, attempted to bring the Empire from the brink of defeat and destroy the New Republic.



"Just a clone? Is that what you said, Disra? I'm not just a clone. I was something very special."

At some point after the death of Palpatine, Grodin Tierce came to serve as a stormtrooper officer under Grand Admiral Thrawn aboard the Star Destroyer Chimaera. Having impressed Thrawn with his martial skill and physical prowess, Thrawn chose Tierce to act as a template for a new type of clone two months before the Battle of Bilbringi in 9 ABY. Not merely a duplication of another proficient warrior or sleeper agent, Thrawn made use of a technology discovered in Mount Tantiss to transfer his own strategic genius to the flash learning matrix. While he had hoped to create a powerful group of warlords that combined stormtrooper strength with his own military brilliance, the Tierce clone proved to be little more than a "tactically brilliant stormtrooper", rather than a true leader. The project was canceled. When the original Tierce died in Thrawn's campaign on Generis, the clone assumed the identity of its progenitor, the beginning of a development of mental instability. The cloned Tierce personally caught and killed the fleeing Noghri Rukh after he stabbed Thrawn, killing him and thus stopping the major threat to the New Republic.

Sinister Triumvirate memberEdit

"Grand Admiral Thrawn sir! Stormtrooper TR-889 reporting for duty!"

By 19 ABY, Tierce had become a Major and aide-de-camp of Moff Vilim Disra, who was unaware that he was a clone. After Disra revealed that he knew Tierce had been a Royal Guard, he joined into an alliance with him and Flim, a man masquerading as the dead Grand Admiral. Tierce used Disra as a foil and source of resources to execute a Thrawn-style plan to stop Supreme Commander Gilad Pellaeon and the Imperial Remnant from surrendering to the New Republic. The soldier hybrid hid modified copies of the Caamas Document to manage the latter, while Flim and the forces of Disra accounted for the former. He helped spread rumors that Thrawn had returned, bringing turmoil to the New Republic.

In the end, Tierce's madness was his own undoing. Gilad Pellaeon, who was unaware of this plot, was able to uncover the truth of the clone Tierce's origins, reveal Flim as an imposter and settle with the New Republic for a series of peace talks. He revealed to Tierce that he had been a failure and that the project had been canceled because of Tierce's negative qualities. Tierce's clone himself met his death at the hands of Shada D'ukal, Talon Karrde's bodyguard, when he attempted to kill Pellaeon.



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