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"It's only half. Please, I have a family."
"One more word, I take it all."
―Padu Cherd pleads with Groff Ditcher[1]

Groff Ditcher was a brutish human male who worked as the foreman of Tibidon Station, a sand whaling station on the desert planet Tatooine. In 9 BBY, he shoved the labourer Padu Cherd and threatened to pay him nothing when Cherd complained at only receiving half pay. Obi-Wan Kenobi scowled at Ditcher but said nothing, causing the foreman to scoff. Ditcher later pushed to the front of a line for water in Mos Eisley spaceport, but had the water thrown from his hand by the former Inquisitor Reva.


Bullying boss[]

"Something you want to say?"
―Groff Ditcher questions Obi-Wan Kenobi[1]

Groff Ditcher was foreman of Tibidon Station.

Groff Ditcher was a brutish human male who worked as foreman of[1] Tibidon Station,[2] a sand whaling station[3] established to harvest meat from the carcass of a large[1] sand whale[4] in the deserts of the planet Tatooine. Following one shift at the site[1] in 9 BBY,[5] Ditcher stood by a GNK-series power droid[1] with a payment dispenser[3] attached to its head as the labourers used their[1] punch discs to collect their credits[3] for the day.[1]

After collecting his payment, labourer Padu Cherd complained that it was only half and pleaded with Ditcher for the rest, but the foreman shoved Cherd away and warned that he would pay him nothing at all if he spoke another word. Obi-Wan Kenobi, the last labourer in the line,[1] then scowled[3] at Ditcher as he approached, but when the foreman asked if Kenobi had anything to say, the labourer silently took his payment and moved on to board the transport back to the town of Anchorhead. Ditcher scoffed and then began speaking to other workers at the site in an alien language.[1]

Encounter with an Inquisitor[]

"Something you wanna say?"
"I have something to say."
"Wait your turn. You can have what's left when I'm done."
―Groff Ditcher addresses Dardin Shull, before being answered by Reva[6]

Groff Ditcher pushed his way to the front of a water queue.

Some time later, Ditcher was in the spaceport of Mos Eisley on Tatooine, where he pushed to the front of a line for water being served by the cart vendor Dardin Shull[6] from a portable vaporator.[4] Pushing the old man at the front of the queue out of the way, Ditcher took a filled cup from Shull's hands as the vendor frowned at him.[6]

The foreman questioned if Shull had something to say, but was instead answered by the former Inquisitor Reva, who was stood in the line behind him. Ditcher told her to wait her turn, but using the Force she threw the water from his hand and glared at him as he silently backed away. She then questioned Shull on the whereabouts of the moisture farmer Owen Lars.[6]

Personality and traits[]

"Keep moving."
―Ditcher sends Padu Cherd away after threatening him[1]

Groff Ditcher was a brutish man[3] and a bully.[4] He pushed and threatened Padu Cherd when the labourer pleaded for his family's sake and tried to intimidate Kenobi,[1] Shull, and Reva, although he backed away after seeing the latter use the Force.[6] Ditcher had light skin, brown hair, and green eyes.[1]


Ditcher wore a light brown shirt, a brown belt over a black apron, brown pants, brown gloves, and brown boots.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Groff Ditcher was portrayed by Heath McGough in the Obi-Wan Kenobi television series, where he first appeared in the first episode[1] which aired on May 27, 2022.[7] Ditcher's name is not spoken in the episode, but appears in the credits.[1]


Notes and references[]

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