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"There’s nothing delightful or hopeful about the wasteland of a Gromas moon, day or night, with its interminable red dome."
―Kyle Katarn[src]

Gromas 16, nicknamed the Blood Moon, was the sixteenth moon of the gas-giant Gromas in the Gromas system of the Mid Rim's Perkell sector. 6,220 kilometers in diameter, the small arid, desert moon had weaker than standard gravity, a day length of 14 standard hours, and a year of 195 standard days.


Nicknamed the "Blood Moon" for its rust colored soil and the red light of Gromas, Gromas 16 was an unremarkable moon until heavy deposits of phrikite discovered around 2 BBY caused prospectors to seek claims on the sector capital of Trancret. The exploration companies had a brief period of prosperity, some even listing their stock on the Trancret Stock Exchange, but it came to a swift end when an Imperial task force sealed off the Gromas system and ejected the prospectors.

After clearing the Gromas system, the Empire established mining facilities on Gromas 16 to acquire large amounts of phrikite for use in their dark trooper program. Rebel agent Kyle Katarn, having discovered a sample on Fest, was led to infiltrate the facility, detonating the reactor to destroy it. The Empire abandoned Gromas after Katarn's assault, leaving the skeleton of their base on Gromas 16.

Shortly thereafter, prospectors returned to Gromas 16, taking advantage of the exposed phrikite veins and the wealth of mining equipment left behind by the Imperial operation. The influx of claims after the Emperor's death resulted in the creation of the Gromas Mines Cooperative, and an economic boom for the Perkell sector.



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