"Gronson Takkaro, generally known as Shifty, is a gambler and former operations manager of the Daystar Casino on Ahakista. He owes a lot of money to some very influential people, including an Imperial senator, Hack Fenlon."

Gronson "Shifty" Takkaro was a Dug gambler and former manager of the Daystar Casino on Ahakista. At some point, he worked as a bookmaker for Jenkes, who managed a gladiator arena on the planet Nyriaan. Later, Takkaro became indebted to Hack Fenlon, an Imperial senator, and a bounty was placed on him. Subsequently, Takkaro fled to the planet Lothal and was pursued by bounty hunter Bossk. Bossk's efforts to apprehend Takkaro were stymied by Jenkes, who had become an Imperial Security Bureau official and was seeking to return a favor to Takkaro. With the help of a Lothalian youth named Ezra Bridger, Bossk succeeded in exposing Jenkes' corruption.


"How'd a casino clown like you wind up with professional assassins like Angrigo and the Krachell twins?"
"The Duros...and the two Niktos? I didn't even know their names! They just got here a few minutes ago...said they came to protect me."
―Bossk and Shifty Takkaro[1]

Gronsons Takkaro was a Dug gambler and criminal during the Age of the Empire. At an unknown point, he worked as a bookmaker for Jenkes, who managed a gladiator arena on the planet Nyriaan. Though Jenkes later became an Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) official on Lothal, the two remained allies and sought to help each other. Later, Takkaro moved to Ahakista where he became the operations manager of the Daystar Casino. Due to his gambling, he became indebted to several influential people on Ahakista, including the Imperial senator Hack Fenlon. When Takkaro fled offworld, Senator Fenlon submitted a bounty to the Bounty Hunters' Guild, which sent the Trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk to bring him back alive to Ahakista.[1]

Gronson smuggled himself aboard a drone barge to Lothal. For the next nine days, he frequented Ake's Tavern, a shady business establishment in Capital City's northern sector. On Lothal, Gronson was protected by his former business partner Jenkes, who had become a lieutenant in the ISB and stolen the identity of his deceased colleague Lieutenant Herdringer. After nine days had elapsed, Bossk arrived on Lothal to apprehend Gronson and extradite him back to Ahakista. Upon arriving above Lothal, Bossk corresponded with Jenkes, who was masquerading as Lieutenant Herdringer. Since Bossk was taking part in a government-sponsored bounty, Jenkes had little choice but to supply information on Takkaro's whereabouts to the Trandoshan bounty hunter.

In secret, however, Jenkes assigned the Duros assassin Angrigo and two Nikto assassins known as the Kratchell twins to protect Takkaro. Jenke's criminal associates reached the Ake's Tavery a few minutes before Bossk arrived at Ake's Tavern. Upon arriving, they told Takkaro that they were there to protect him from Bossk. Shortly later, a local Human guide named Ezra Bridger arrived at the bar under the pretext of selling Gladiator Night tickets. In reality, Bossk had sent him as a decoy. At that point, Takkaro was sitting beside Angrigo while being served a drink by a bearded Human bartender.[1]

Recognizing Ezra as Bossk's local young guide, Angrigo and the Kratchell twins were about to open fire on Ezra when Bossk entered the bar. During the ensuing gun battle, Bossk quickly killed the Kratcell twins with his mortar gun. Takkaro attempted to attack Ezra with his vibroblade but the Human youth fired his energy slingshot at the Dug; knocking him unconscious. Bossk then killed Angrigo, who had attempted to finish off Ezra with his blaster. Having neutralized opposition in the bar, Bossk then shook Takkaro awake.[1]

Bossk then took Takkaro into custody and proceeded to interrogate him about his assassin bodyguards. The Dug replied that he did not know their names other than the fact that they had been sent to project him. When Bossk asked who had hired the assassins, the Dug said that he did not know and told Bossk to ask the assassins themselves, who had perished during the bar gun battle. Takkaro then slipped back into unconsciousness. Before Bossk could shake him awake, a squad of stormtroopers called Squad Five arrived. Despite Bossk possessing an Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificate, they demanded that the Trandoshan hand over Shifty Takkaro. Bossk refused and ignited a concussion grenade in Ake's Tavern before fleeing outside with Takkaro and Bridger.[1]

During the gunfight with Imperial forces, Bossk was forced to leave his acquisition behind. Following a pursuit, Bossk and Ezra managed to escape to Ezra's tower hideout to recuperate. Meanwhile, Squad Five arrested the wounded Takkaro and took him into Imperial custody. Having failed to eliminate Bossk and his local guide, Lieutenant Jenkes then issued orders for all Imperial forces to exterminate them and even placed a bounty on Bossk's head. Working together, Bossk and Ezra discovered Takkaro's underworld connections to Lieutenant Jenkes and succeeded in exposing Jenkes' criminal activities to the Imperial authorities on Lothal.[1]

Personality and traits[]

As a Dug, Shifty Takkaro walked on his upper limbs and used his dexterous feet to grasp objects. Throughout his criminal career, Takkaro was involved in several criminal enterprises including helping to manage a gladiator arena on Nyriaan and a casino on Ahakista. As a gambler, he had trouble paying his debts and eventually antagonized Senator Hack Fenlon, who placed a bounty on his head. He also knew how to wield a vibroblade.[1]



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