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The Grotto City was discovered by R2-D2, C-3PO, and Chewbacca in a grotto far beneath Haven Base on Arbra. A magnificent structure, C-3PO identified its architecture as dating to the time of Xim the Despot. The city was the long-abandoned home of the ancient Arbran race. The Arbrans had abandoned their homeworld long ago, but had first shed all their negative emotions in the formation of a dark side manifestation known as the Darker. As their own offspring, the Arbrans were unwilling to destroy the Darker, and left him in the Grotto City, surrounded by a self-perpetuating force field. In the city, C-3PO found a library with ancient tomes containing everything from cookbooks to history; he observed the writing to be similar to that of the ancient Sith. Chewbacca and some Hoojibs shoved the Darker into the force field, resulting in the destruction of the Darker, the field, and the entire Grotto City.

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