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The Ground Battle on Bespin occurred when Prince Xizor hired Tyber Zann to steal tibanna gas on Bespin. Sensing a trap, Zann formulated a plan to get rid of Xizor while keeping the tibanna gas for himself by planting evidence in the computer systems pointing to Black Sun.

The theftEdit

When Tyber Zann, Urai Fen and IG-88A landed on a Bespin platform, Tyber was greeted by two stormtroopers. Urai sneaked up behind a stormtrooper and killed him, and Tyber shot the other. Consortium troops, soon arrived and were given a task.

Consortium troops killed the stormtrooper guards and destroyed the patrolling AT-ST's as Urai led five collector droids to collect the gas. Meanwhile, Tyber Zann planted evidence at four security outposts that the raid was conducted by Prince Xizor himself, as IG-88A hacked into the Imperial database and gained the information on Tyber's so-called hit list.

Darth Vader's interventionEdit

Shortly after the successful completion of the mission the forces were leaving when Darth Vader landed on the Bespin platform, where there were several Dark Side Adepts. Vader then killed the Field Commander for not preventing the theft of the tibanna gas. Knowing his forces were no match for Vader, and that he needed them to find the evidence that framed Xizor, Zann and his forces quickly retreated to the landing zone for pickup.

Admiral Thrawn's RevelationEdit

Eventually Grand Admiral Thrawn contacted Tyber sometime after the battle revealing that while the evidence he planted fooled Vader, he noticed the unique signature on it. Rather than telling Vader, he allowed Xizor to be killed.


From the evidence planted on the Bespin platform Vader was convinced that it was Xizor who committed the crime. Tyber Zann made a large amount of credits from selling part of the tibanna gas on the black market, and he kept part of the gas to power his own ships.

Behind the scenesEdit

It is possible to kill Darth Vader after he lands.

Early in the mission, a reference to a scene in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope is made when a stormtrooper asks for Zann's identification, to which Zann responds that the stormtrooper "doesn't need to see" his identification. The stormtrooper then says "this one thinks he's a Jedi".

The player may also bring the heroes Bossk and Silri to the mission, though they are not required. This is the only story mission in the campaign where all five Consortium heroes may be used.



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