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"If I can get the factory working again, we can reprogram the droids..."
Urai Fen[src]

During the Galactic Civil War, a battle between the forces of Tyber Zann and the Hutt Cartel took place on Hypori.


"It seems Jabba has been digging up the past. I pulled this off of his comm net once we gained control of Saleucami. Evidently he's found an old battle droid factory on Hypori that wasn't destroyed when the Republic raided it during the Clone Wars."
―Urai Fen[src]

The battle began after Zann learned of a droid factory discovered by Jabba the Hutt on the planet Hypori. Zann, alongside Urai Fen and several troops of the Zann Consortium landed near the factory and, while approaching the controls of the factory, learned that the Droideka Mark IIs were active and openly firing upon his forces. In order to buy time and avoid unnecessary casualties, Tyber, Urai, and the troops sealed blast doors and retreated. The droids, however, fired on the doors, eventually breaking through.

The battleEdit

"he emergency defenses are on, which means the droids will be after us until I can shut them down."
―Urai Fen[src]

Eventually, Urai managed to deactivate the Droidekas, after which Bossk landed and prepared himself to assassinate Tyber, who offered in advance triple what Bossk was being paid so that Bossk would serve the Consortium.

Jabba then landed on Hypori alongside several soldiers for the Hutt Cartel, who opened fire on Tyber and his forces. Urai Fen eventually managed to reactivate the droidekas, this time assisting the Consortium against the Cartel. Consortium forces, supported by the droids, managed to prevent more soldiers from landing.


Tyber Zann: "Jabba, your men are dead and you are surrounded. I'd say that puts you at a disadvantage."
Jabba the Hutt: "We can make a deal, Tyber! There's no need to do anything... permanent."
Tyber Zann: "The only deal that lets you live is this- The price on my head -- gone. The hits on my territory – stop. The planets Saleucami and Hypori now belong to me. If I see your people anywhere in my territory, I'll personally come to Tatooine and feed you to your own Rancor!"
Tyber Zann 'negotiating' with Jabba Desilijic Tiure[src]

Jabba, still on the planet, was confronted by Tyber, who forced an agreement. In exchange for Jabba leaving without being harmed, Zann would get the planets Saleucami and Hypori, the bounty on his head off, as well as a truce between them.



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