A ground support wing was a formation of the Imperial Army.


A ground support wing was the result of a compromise between the Imperial Navy and the Army. The Army wanted their own dedicated starfighter support, while the Navy wanted to retain control of the fighters. The resulting unit consisted of only forty TIE Series starfighters, rather than the seventy-two of the standard naval wing. Numbering forty TIEs, they were split into ten flights of four fighters each. Three flights were TIE/sa bombers, six flights were sorted into two squadrons of TIE/LN starfighters, and a single flight of TIE/fc starfighters. Unit personnel numbered forty pilots, twenty-five sensor technicians, twenty-five controllers, and sixty support personnel.[1] Because of the compromise, the starfighters are not operated by the Imperial Navy. This also resulted in an intense rivalry between members of the ground support wing and the standard TIE pilots of the Imperial Navy.[2]

Although its formation was closer to a regiment, it operated under the auspices of an auxiliary battlegroup.


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