"Ottekvar is just too famous. Whenever I see his face, I think SuperKnight: The Awakening, or Webb Tenger: PeaceBuster, not Baltharog."
―Groz Niclari on Harlan Ottekvar[src]

Groz Niclari, also known by his HoloNet handle "QuasarKing327," was a male fan of the original Quest for Quasar, and hosted the largest fan-run Quest for Quasar infocache. In 22 BBY, Quest for Quasar fans found out that Myris Pictures was going to produce a Quest for Quasar holofilm, with the actor Harlan Ottekvar portraying the character Lord Baltharog.[1]

Niclari pointed out that Ottekvar was 1.84 meters tall, while Baltharog was 1.89 meters tall, though Baltharog's height was from a source not part of Quest for Quasar's canon. Niclari also claimed that Ottekvar was too famous for the part of Baltharog, referencing Ottekvar's appearances in holofilms SuperKnight: The Awakening and Webb Tenger: PeaceBuster. Niclari collected nearly 1.5 million signatures in a HoloNet petition to have Ottekvar replaced.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Groz Niclari first appeared in an in-universe HoloNet News issue, HoloNet News Vol. 531 51. This issue was released on April 11, 2002. Niclari's species is not identified.[1]

Niclari's handle, "QuasarKing327", is yet another occurrence[2][3][4] of the number 327 in Star Wars canon.


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