"See, there's some strange things happening around town these days, and Grubber and I aren't as young as we used to be."
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Grubber Vapps was a Human male Sailor who worked at 222 fishing trawler in the town of Bartyn's Landing in Lamaredd, until he was recruited by his friend the recently-appointed Security Chief Mix Liddell as one of his Seconds. In that capacity, Vapps helped Liddell fighting threats such as Byrch "The Padawan" Dyshkava and, later, continued serving as Liddell's trusted assistant and friend for forty years. During this time, Vapps, a swoop racer, also took part in illegal Cargo Track races. When Liddell retired, Vapps became the new Security Chief.


Grubber Vapps was a Human man born in c. 89 BBY in Bartyn's Landing, the capital city of the planet Lamaredd. Like most of the local population, Vapps worked as a fisherman in one of the 222 fishing trawlers of Bartyn Gourmet Delicacies. He was also friends with Mix Liddell, a Mon Calamari harpoon person who had, as of c. 69 BBY, became one of the Security Chief's Seconds.[1]

Around that date, the Security Chief Ertine and most of his seconds were murdered by the raider leader and dark Jedi Byrch Dyshkava, known as "The Padawan." Liddell was the only survivor and afterward the town council appointed him the new Chief. Chief Liddell then recruited a number of Seconds among sailors and friends, with Vapps being one of them. With courage and cunning, Liddell and his men defeated The Padawan and his gang, although The Padawan escaped from jail soon afterward.[1]

Feeling a great friendship toward Liddell and enjoying his job, Vapps continued serving as a Second for the following forty years. He became the Senior Second, in-town proxy of Liddell whenever he was not in the Landing, and a trusted lieutenant. An amateur mechanic, Vapps also worked in almost every land vehicle of the Landing.[1]

Vapps owned a RDD-7 racing swoop customized by himself, "Rudy", with a reinforced frame and a mounted slugthrower. Vapps used "Rudy" to take part in illegal Cargo Track races, obtaining good results. Although Vapps believed Liddell to be unaware of this hobby, Liddell did know about it &mdsah; he only chose not to tell Vapps. C. 29 BBY, "Rudy" was stolen by outlaws, prompting Vapps to join a team to recover his vehicle.[1]

After this event, Dyshkava reappeared in Bartyn's Landing and took part in a public street duel — which he lost. Liddell and Vapps rushed to the scene. Liddell wanted to approach the gunfighters, but he asked Vapps to remain hidden in the crowd as his backup, with a sawed-off slugthrower ready. Liddell and Vapps then took the still-alive Dyshkava to a cell and questioned the other fighters.[2]

Soon afterward, Guther Bartyn, mayor of the Landing, Administrator of the local mines and owner of BGD, lost most of his political and economical power. Liddell stood for the rank of Administrator and succeeded; Vapps became the new Security Chief. One of the first threats for Chief Vapps were two MMV mining droids re-programmed by a deranged Bartyn to attack honest citizens of the Landing. Vapps joined forces with Administrator Liddell and other people to stop the droids.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Senior Second Grubber Vapps was a cigarra-smoking, liquor-drinking, sabacc-gambling, toolkit-handling, swoop-riding constable of a backwater town in a backwater planet. He had specialized skills for his area of activity and was a good shot either with his slughtrower pistol or with a hard-to-find blaster — even if he suffered from strabismus.[1]

Vapps spent his time in several places, including the town jail, where he watched over criminals but more commonly drunkards and drifters; several backroom sabacc tables where he could be presiding; Miss Mylla's Saloon; or a garage where he would customize his self-styled best work "Rudy" even more; not to mention the Cargo Track races.[1]

As of 29 BBY, Liddell suspected that many of his Seconds were regularly accepting bribes from Bartyn. Liddell trusted completely that Vapps was not one of those, but he had to admit, both Vapps and himself were growing too old for certain kinds of activities.



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