"Ten Ewoks to slay such a giant? This long-haired monster is as big as a hut, with great fiery eyes and teeth as big as your hand and the strength of fifty least!"
King Vulgarr[src]

The Grudakk was a gigantic sapient humanoid living on the Forest Moon of Endor. It served as the guardian of the Father Tree, the largest tree in the forest. The Grudakk's exact size is unknown; each of its hands was the size of a young Ewok, its black eyes were the size of an Ewok's head, and someone chancing upon it could mistake its legs for tree trunks. The Grudakk was covered in long, thick fur. The creature lived in a vast, underground lair dug out from beneath the Father Tree. Its lair showed that is was, in fact, intelligent, with its torchlit passages, stone furniture, and bed of straw. The creature wove pouches and other items from vines.

As the guardian of the Father Tree, the Grudakk was a powerful ally of the Ewoks. In contrast, the Yuzzums and Duloks hated and feared the creature. When the Ewok Teebo ran away from Bright Tree Village to search for his sister, Malani, the Grudakk saved him from a band of Yuzzum warriors. The Grudakk took Teebo back to its lair, fed him, and gave him a place to sleep. Fearing that the Grudakk planned to keep him for a pet, Teebo escaped the next day. The Grudakk tracked him to a battle between the Bright Tree Ewoks and a band of Duloks led by King Vulgarr. The Grudakk secured the victory for the Ewoks by snatching up Vulgarr and frightening away the others.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Grudakk shares basic similarities with Bobog, the Goraxes, and the Red Nebula temple guardian, notably a prolific stature, but it is unknown if any of them share genetic ancestry.

The creature's name is spelled "Grudakk" in the original source, The Adventures of Teebo: A Tale of Magic and Suspense. Nevertheless, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia spells it "Grundakk."



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